Let’s compare the Nissan Rogue to the Qashqai

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  Nissan has just announced they will show the US version of the Qashqai compact crossover at the Detroit Auto show, in just a few days.
So let’s compare both cars. Which at first, almost look the same.

Up front, our Rogue (in Orange) has received an all new grille and bumper just a few months ago. While the Qashqai has not changed at all since it came out in Europe in late 2013.
So the one we will be getting might receive a new front end. Which I guess would also be a mid cycle revision in Europe.

 The difference is a bit more obvious when looking at the profiles of both cars.
The Qashqai (grey car) is not only a bit smaller, but slicker as well.
The whole thing is a bit more aggressive and modern.

 Inside, since both are using the same platform, they are surprisingly similar.
You can tell the top of the das is exactly the same in both versions. Air vents etc…
The revised 2017 Rogue gets a new steering wheel and trim.
Which the upcoming Qashqai could also get.

Of course, the main difference is that the Qashqai does not come with a 3rd row seat option.

I think this is a great move from Nissan.
I am not sure the Qashqai name would be a great idea for the US though.
Since the Rogue is their best seller here, I think “Rogue Sport” might be more appropriate.
Plus, it’s never a bad idea to cash in on a popular name.

We also don’t know what engine it will be getting. Competition will come from the Honda HR-V, the “new” Ford Ecosport and others like the Chevrolet tax and Mazda CX-3.
All these use much smaller engines than the 2.5 Liter in the Rogue.

In Europe, it is available with a tiny 1.2 Liter engine with only 116HP.
So you can bet we’re not getting that one…
There is also a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 163HP.
Or a larger 2.0 Liter with 150HP. Both of these would work here.

Unless Nissan has something brand new for us…

The 3 year old Qashqai design has aged very well. Much better than the Ford Ecosport.
So it will look pretty fresh when we see it here. And Nissan should have no problem selling it as a “brand new” model.

I think this is all good news…

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  1. Yes vince it is great news. Nissan products are gold. Their upper management starting from US president stinks. They push the dealers way too hard. The product is gold and this will sell well. That's what a dealer friend tells me from Toronto.

  2. i don't mind the current nissan Rogue as is now. The drivetrain sucks tho. It has not changed since introduced in 2007 as a 2008 model. Ditch the CVT for a regular 6 speed automatic and offer either a turbo/non turbo 200 HP 4 cyl. engine or a small diesel engine and you have a solid winner.

  3. I had sat in the refreshed Rogue with the orange-brown seats and must say it a stunning improvement. However, I don't the fact that Nissan sources its parts from different localities as it should be sourced from once central location.

    I would like to see a Juke derived powertrain in the Qashqai for NAFTA folks. Not sure if Rogue Sport makes sense or not, we shall see.

  4. The Escape doesn`t have seven seats.The Juke would compete with who,then? That doesn`t make a lick of sense.

  5. I still think they are way too close to each other in styling and size.. how much you wanna bet they call it the Rogue Sport or Rogue Select for the US market?

  6. The Qashqai will be CRV and Escape and RAV4 size, yet priced way better, the current Rogueis bigger and is competing very well cause that's currently Nissan's only CUV in that segment, just wait till this and the next Juke hit.

  7. I've worked for a Nissan dealer for nearly 6 years now, and love products. What I know is the Qashqai will be huge here, just like in Europe, covering this "New" gap between Juke and Rogue. 9 inches shorter then the Rogue, sharing the same platform, and starting at 20,000$ will definitely appeal to the market. More room then the tiny Fit sharing HR-V and better looking than the out of proportion EcoSport, it's sure to do well.

    The name concerns me though, expecting many questions from clients. Along the lines of Rebel or Nomad (I know it's been used before) would be ideal.

    Would love to see the Juke's 1.6 Turbo in it, but that would bring it's hp over the Rogue, I expect the 2.0L to maybe come back, tweeked of course. And Tony, the CVT isn't going anywhere, but it has improved considerably since 2007. Try the new 2017 Rogue, and hit the sport button. I insist.

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