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Not much really.

You can see the rear lights were redesigned as well.
Inside it’s pretty much the same.
Which means about 1000 textures all mixed up into one interior. The console still looks out of place somehow. That whole interior never felt cohesive, and nothing here improves.

There is an optional 12 inch digital gauge screen.
 I  don’t like these. I’d rather have old fashion gauges.
But these are now getting cheaper to produce than the regular ones, so all car makers are pushing them on us. Claiming they are better…
I think they are just a gimmick. And now, a way for them to squeeze an extra buck in profit.

The new 10 speed auto is available in both engines, not jus the V8.
I just wonder how that feels, 10 speed. I mean it must be constantly shifting.

They also claim there are 10 new wheel designs to pick from. 12 total.

More soon.

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  1. I think the interior could have done with more work. Whilst I like the upper half of the dash (with just the right amount of retro thrown in), the center stack is a bit of a mess. The switches look like they were picked from at least 3 unrelated part bins (very different shapes and designs), and the frame surrounding the Sync 3 screen looks like an afterthought.

    The center stack, especially around the stick, lacks any kind of design, it's just a big blob of plastic. Which is a shame because the material quality is actually rather okay, unlike in earlier generations.

  2. Interesting how all of Honda, GM & Ford have just come out with 10-speeds all at the same moment–each claiming that they designed & built it solely by themselves.

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