More pictures of the all new Opel Insignia

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Driving in the snow, showing off its new optional AWD system.
I guess it looks like its working.
The car looks like it’s moving. Wheels look like they’re turning… Everything seems OK.

This is still the hatchback version. The one we are getting as the new Buick Regal will be the regular sedan.
AWD should be available at least in our “raised up” wagon version.

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  1. I think that is a very good looking car. I'm wondering whether, given the new Audi A5 Sportback and the Kia Stinger, both hatchbacks, work in the US, Buick might be tempted to bring that version over too….

  2. The profile is a little generic. The window graphic reminds me of every other midsize sedan on the market.

  3. It's not actually a 6-window 4-door fastback — just styled to LOOK like a 6-window/4-door/fastback — because that's such a UNIQUE look these days —-NOT!

  4. It doesn't matter.They could have done a better job. The Malibu/Fusion/Sonata/200 have almost the same profile.Just look at the Kia Stinger,where the designers gave a crap and tried something a little more distinctive.

  5. The surfacing is rather crude,too.Even when compared to the previous Insignia/Regal.I think they played it safe because this car,beyond being the replacement for the current Regal,will also replace the australian Commodore. It has to please everyone.

  6. I see it. Now I feels it's kind of a step back from the current model. Which, after all these years, still looks really good and modern…

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