New Mercedes “design language” coming up

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Mercedes has decided to preview their new design language with what they call a “Aesthetics A sculpture”.
So not really a concept, but rather a car sculpture.

Showing mostly a language that will be applied to the next A Class.
Which means, it will also be used in the B Class, CLA and GLA.

The one above looks like a sedan. So it could be the next CLA. But there are also talks about a regular A Class sedan.
I guess anything is better than the current B Class.
So it looks like an improvement.

We will know very soon since the new A Class is supposed to be coming out very soon. And prototypes of the next GLA have already been driving around.

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  1. Looks like they took a broken balloon and stretched it over a toy car. Kinda dumb. Even if it is just for their design language, still dumb.

  2. Again, where are the classy Mercedes? I miss the Bruno Sacco designs, which were modern for their time, but still timeless. The 190e is still a masterclass in design. This thing (like most modern Mercedes) looks like a korean car.

  3. Mercedes doesn't decide what goes. This was a Suzuki style from a failed car. Of course you like Bruno's design. Italian design has always been the pinnacle!

  4. Honestly, today, good design doesn't know nationality. Volvo's current chief designer is also a german, and imo, he's doing a pretty good job there. I think this is just a lame excuse for bad management and old, out-of-touch executives trying to please a younger audience by forcing the design team to put as many crazy lines and surfaces as they can in their cars.

  5. Yes, many of these old Mercedes designs are timeless. That 190e being one of them.
    They have gotten so complicated. Sometimes weird.

    Just look at what the SL has become…
    For decade it was one of the best looking car around.

  6. Reminding me a lot of the oval obsessed Taurus of the 90's, but the roofline is sending me an '07 Chrysler Sebring vibe. I don't think this melting rendering is inspiring hope for this design language.

  7. This looks like it could be an A sedan, to directly compete with the A1 and upcoming 1-series, and the future CLA will move further upscale and compete with the upcoming 2-series Gran Coupe.

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