New Opel (And Vauxhall) Crossland X

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This is the Mokka X (Buick Encore in the US) larger brother.
I believe the platform is shared with some Peugeot model. (2008?)
So I don’t think it has been engineered to be sold in the US as a Buick.

As for the design, no surprise. It looks like a larger, 4 door version of the cute Opel Adam.
And a lot like the new Astra inside. So it really is not original at all. Yet, the whole thing is rather pleasant.

A larger version called the Grandland X is coming out next. (Sharing its platform with the Peugeot 3008?)

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  1. Rather pleasant? If someone threw bleach in your eyes,maybe…compared to the current Meriva (which looks really cute) this is a mess.Looks like some Frankenstein experiment,where they took parts from various cars from different segments.Crossover,minivan,hatchback,you name it.
    What is happening to Opel? They used to have some of the best looking cars in the GM portfolio.

  2. Platform and much of packaging and general proportions are shared with the upcoming Citroen C3 Picasso replacement (the hatchback has already been replaced). I don't know if the platform is all new, a version of PSA's EMP2 or derived form the older 2008 platform (which has it#s roots in the 207 from 10 years ago), but definitely a PSA platform.

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