New VW Atlas “R Line”: Sad…

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Yes, sad.

The regular model is already a sad thing. With its 90’s design, a cheap and dated interior.
So I guess “R Line” is supposed to create something sportier.
Well. no.
Engines are the same. Suspension, steering, same.

But listen to this! It does have :

-“R Line badging”
-“Unique front and rear bumpers”
-“R Line steering wheel clip” (NOT a new steering wheel. Just a little cheesy clip/letter on the regular steering wheel)
-20 inch wheels.

The only surprising thing to me is how small these huge 20 inch wheels look on that thing.

After sitting in a couple of these at the auto show, I was really puzzled.
How can VW get it so wrong. Come out with something that far behind others like the Mazda CX-9.
After all these years…

This R Line is just a joke.
I just wonder how much they will charge for it…

AND, it is not even on sale yet. It will be available in the spring.
Already old looking, and not out yet.

Good luck…

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  1. If Honda and Nissan are able to sell their yawn-inducing Pilots and Pathfinders by the truckloads, i don't think VW will have much problem selling this turd.

  2. Vince, I recognize you have your opinions, and everyone is entitled to have a pro- or anti-carmaker bend, but increasingly when there is anything VAG-relate (or, for that matter, FCA-related) you're letting your personal opinions bias your articles. In this case you've spent a lot of words bashing VW's R-line, which was always meant to be nothing else than a stylistic package who want to go for a more aggressive look. And, along with Audi's S-line, it has been very successful for the company in Europe, leading most other manufacturers to follow its lead (BMW's M-sport, M-B's AMG-line, Ford's ST-line, Opel's OPC-line to name just a few). You may not like it personally, which is fine, but your bias really gets the best of your articles sometimes

  3. The Pilot is also a sad thing… But Honda has a Golden reputation.
    Unlike VW.

    And the Pathfinder is not selling as well. Still looks like Marilyn Monroe next to the poor Atlas

  4. "Still looks like Marilyn Monroe next to the poor Atlas"
    Really? For me, the Pathfinder is as bland as a Lifetime original movie.

  5. I don't really have a bias against the VW brand ( I Have owned two)
    If you read my many test drives, you will see that I really like many of their products.

    But the US/China only Atlas is really behind the times.
    (My opinion after seeing it in person)

    And, in this case, the R Line just doesn't make any sense. It's just a rip off.

    When the current Beetle came out, R Line meant the sporty Turbo 2.0 engine. Which does make sense.

    Paying extra for a letter on a steering wheel, and a few chrome bits is just a sad joke.
    Even of others are doing it.

  6. "You may not like it personally, which is fine, but your bias really gets the best of your articles sometimes"
    Here is the thing: Vince is not a professional journalist,he is a blogger. He is allowed to express his opinion and be biased, something he wouldn't be able to do if he worked at a prrofessional magazine. If you disagree, that is your problem, not Vince's.

  7. Sporty is not the adjective I would use to describe this new Atlas. Matronly and dowdy maybe. Should sell about as well as the Kia Borrego.

  8. Maybe the "R" stands for "Retro". After all, it does look like a 1970's throwback to the era of the first downsized Jeep Cherokee.

  9. What is the Atlas? Will it be another nothing vehicle that lasts one or two generations before being neglected, discontinued and forgotten? Like the Phaeton, like the Routan were and like the Tourag has become? Or is it any good at anything in particular? Give us something to love about this dumpy looking SUV for christsake!

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