That giant glass roof option on the Opel Crossland X

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Someone was complaining earlier about the lack of a glass roof option on the new Volvo S90 sedan. And rightfully so.
Here is a great exemple of a really cool one:
The tiny new Crossland X has this really amazing option.

And what a giant back seat on this small Crossover!

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  1. Absolutely agree that it is dissappointing that Volvo (and Mazda, if truly looking to move up-market) is not including panoramic roofs in their sedans. The Mercedes CLA has had one for years and that sedan is smaller than either S90 or S60. This strikes me as an engineering priority, as Volvos with longer bodylengths certainly include larger sunroofs.

    That said, these Opel images are massively distorted by a fisheye lens. Larger than normal to be sure, but it is made to look gigantic by some photographic trickery.

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