2018 Lexus LS500 video.

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There you go.
It’s just like being there. Feast your eyes on this video of the all new Lexus LS500 luxury sedan.

Mercedes and BMW owners will never even consider anything else.
But for those with an open mind, the new Lexus interior seems really nice.
For my taste, much nicer than anything currently offered by Audi.

At least there is some style. Something different. I think they have finally came up with their own thing…

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  1. It's growing on me. The lines are more cohesive than in any other Lexus. The front is dramatic, without being cheesy or overdone (like in the RC). My only problem with the exterior is with the rear three-quarters. It looks kinda bloated (and a bit Buick-like) from that angle. But,together with the LC, i think that they are in the right path.

  2. The interior is a weird mix of premium and Corolla-level stuff (air vents, window switches). Overall it's the best we've seen yet from Lexus.

    The exterior looks like a Camry to me, especially from the back. It's got that parade float stance: looks like it was built out of papier mache stuck on top of a smaller car.

  3. I was more interested in the house than the car. I would imagine that people that find Donald Trump attractive might like this car. Actually it reminds me a little of Kellyanne Conway with it's trying too hard" attitude.

  4. If they try something different,people will bitch and moan,and if they play it safe,people will still bitch and moan. Damned if you do,damned if you don't…
    I guess that,as long as the styling pleases the people that actually BUY these cars,they'll be fine.

  5. How is this different than anything they've done before? Lexus hung a huge, nightmarish plastic schnozz from the front end of a conventional sedan and basically phoned the rest of the design in. The only reason it may look fresh and modern is because the outgoing one is about as old as old as cude oil.

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