What could have been: New Saab 9.3 Convertible

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We all know what happened to poor old Saab a few years ago.
And it’s still not 100% clear what might happen next.
Since the Chinese owners still come out once in a while with new claims about reviving the brand.
So, who knows…

But it is kind of sad to see what almost was.

I test drove a Saab Convertible for a week a few years ago. And I really loved it.
These pictures show what they had planned for the next one.
Not earth shattering, but it seemed quite nice.

The whole thing is kind of sad…( I might just go hide in a hole and cry for a little while now.)

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  1. I really wish Konessig acquired them, very sad. My cave is next to yours.
    Nothing seems genuinely Swedish these days.

  2. As a huge Saab fan (and still owner) I'm not sure this would have been enough. The photos online earlier of the new 9-3 that would have been were awkward. Not retro enough to evoke brand nostalgia, and not forward looking enough to inspire. Castriota's design was not harmonious at all and looked downright unsettled from angles.

  3. Junk is Junk. If SAAB was worth saving, Sweden would have saved it. Junk, terrible/ horrible style/ useless

  4. If you're talking about the cheap GMs with a Saab grille sticked in the front, i agree. They were mediocre,for the most part. GM f#cks everything up,always.

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