2018 Buick Regal

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So this is it.
The all new Opel Insignia with a Buick grille.

This is, supposedly (And hopefully), the Chinese model.
Let’s just pray that our model isn’t even available with such small wheels. (Let’s actually all pray right now for this)
This just looks like some base model with tiny wheels…

Otherwise, the white color and low rez pic doesn’t make the car very exciting (on top of the small wheels)

I am sure better pictures and some color will do wonders… Right?

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  1. Uglier than the current one… grille looks not designed to fit in that front end between the headlights..

  2. This is so depressing…
    Makes the Acura TLX look like a spaceship from the year 4000. Just let that sink in.

  3. I know… I was really looking forward to the new Regal. As I test drove the current model a couple of times and really loved it.

    I must say, it didn't look that bad as an Opel. In the official pix from a few weeks ago.So there might still be hope.
    I also wonder if that weird deal between Opel and Peugeot could affect the launch of this car in the US…

  4. I remember hearing some years ago an Opel designer saying that the new Insignia/Regal was going to be the best looking car in its segment. After seeing it, i think that guy should be fired…

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