2018 Hyundai Elantra GT

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Like I mentioned before, this is the US version of the Hyundai i30 sold in Europe.
Just like the previous Elantra GT was.

This time it looks more conservative. But still quite European.
Kind of like a Korean Golf, or Peugeot 308.

And they still offer the panoramic roof option. And a 6 speed manual!
Engines are the regular 2.0 Liter with about 160HP. Or the Turbo with 201HP from the Elantra Sport.

That all sounds good to me.

I just hope the cheesy red accents are an option. And that you can get the interior in another color than black.

This sure is much more subtle and classier than the super vulgar Civic Hatch….

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  1. Conservative but nice and mature looking! And you are so right about the Civic hatch, "super vulgar"!

  2. this looks really good to my eyes. The front end looks like Infinity, the back end /rear 3/4 side view looks like VW/Audi…..the interior looks vw/audi-ishy. Very good product, i think

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