2018 Hyundai iTourer

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There it is. The wagon version of the 130 compact. For Europe only.

I guess if sold here, it would be the Elantra wagon.
Still, we are getting the hatchback, so that’s not so bad…

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  1. Less useful than a Sonata Eco and I presume with less leg room, less rear seat room, and less floor space in the trunk. And MUCH less attractive. The Eco gets 38MPG HWY — what is this? 48 MPG? How much LESS expensive is it?

  2. I am probably in a minority but I love wagons like this one, the Gold wagon, and the old Ford Focus wagon.

  3. A long-wheelbase hatchback 4-door, does NOT a wagon make ! WAGONS can haul — like sheets of plywood — not just 1 gerbil.

  4. Hiroto Saikawa taking over from Carlos Goshn, Thank God!

    Finally, a respectful Japanese Quality person at the helm of Nissan Motor Again.

    Rough, rude Goshn style is hopefully a thing of the past. yes talking to you too Christian Meunier

  5. Best looking wagon yet! Hyundai should offer this for sale in the U.S. with an GT Wagon powertrain and suspension. I would buy it!

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