2018 Hyundai Sonata

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Here is what Hyundai is getting ready for the new year.

Obviously, the 2018 model will be more aggressive.
This is not an all new model. Just what we see here, a new front and new rear designs.
HERE are a few shots of the real thing, all covered up.
Where you can see the profile will be the same car.

Let’s also hope there is some work done inside. Where it had became way more conservative than the previous model….

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  1. I LOVE the "way more conservative" interior of the current one–so much so that I bought one–my first Hyundai/Kia vehicle ever. (Never gave a thought to the previous one — waaay too ugly–inside & out–for my tastes!)

  2. Why bother? The current design came out in 2015 model year, so it's already been out 4!!! model years. What's the point of a facelift, when by the normal replacement cycle we should see and all new Sonata in 2019 or 2020 at the latest?

  3. Interesting they are comparing it not only to the current model but seemingly also taking inspiration from the more successful previous model. Hopefully Kia will do the same when they make mid-cycle updates to the Optima, which lost even more character with its last redesign.

  4. It looks a little better that they current model, but ot is a boring car in a dying segment. Give us a new Genesis Coupe halo and mid to large size luxury SUVs.

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