2018 Range Rover Velar

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I must say, I’m a little disappointed…

The Evoque is such a great looking design. So is the Range Rover Sport. You would think something in-between could be quite something.

It ends up looking like a mash up of both. Nothing new, nothing we haven’t seen before.

I guess it doesn’t matter. It still does look good. And it’s a huge market.
So even if it actually competes with its cousin, the Jaguar F-Pace, who cares!


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  1. Although the interior is newer, I still like what they done to the F-Pace. LR messed up on the Discovery as it is too bloated and I see no need for an additional model as the Velar. The company should have focused on introducing new Defender a lot sooner as Jeep will bring out the new Wrangler in several months.
    If I was in charge- keep: Range Rover, make Range Rover sport a 2 door, give the Discovery Sport a normal sunroof, kill Velar, insert a better rear window with more visibility in the Evoque and spend more advertising on that model.

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