2018 Rolls Royce Cullinan

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Some one mentioned here, on the comments section, that the original DS must be turning over in its grave when seeing the new DS7 SUV.

Well… What do you think Mr.Rolls and Mr.Royce are doing right now?

As sad as it is, it will probably double the brand’s sale numbers as soon as it comes out.
More, more more….

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  1. The truth is: no matter what we think, this thing will sell. Which is a shame, really. They could come up with something innovative and original, be a trendsetter, but instead, they're just following the pack. The whole automotive industry is so lazy right now… i don't know why i still bother…

  2. I don't think this is something particularly bad. It is just a very large car. If it was made to look lika an actual offroader, that would be wrong. But this – just a very big car – exactly as Rollsroyces were in the begining. Look at those old cars from 20s and 30s. They are absolutely massive!

  3. The automobile industry isn't lazy — there constrained. The overabundance of regulation from countries everywhere has forced manufactures to put the needs of the state ahead of their customers — world wide. And yes, that is a shame! A tragedy, really.

  4. "The automobile industry isn't lazy"

    Yes, it is. They could come up with the next big trend, shake things up if they wanted. The same thing with SUVs when they came out 20 years ago. Nobody knew how successful they were going to be, but they tried it anyway. Stop trying to defend them, it's just as stupid as the people who say "corporations are people".

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