2018/19 Acura MDX?

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Not sure. But that’s what I was told.
So it could be, I guess.

At least it looks pretty slick, maybe finally bringing some style to the MDX?
Which is, for now, the most boring thing on 4 wheels ever.

Acura made a few mistakes in the past years.
First getting rid of their good nameplates like “Legend” and “Integra”.
Then they just added an “X” to all their new stupid letter names.

News ro Acura: Adding an “X” to “TL” doesn’t make it a cooler car.
This is just sad…
And I won’t even mention that weird shield/belt buckle grille  they shoe horned on every design…
Which, sadly, has been replaced by something that I think is even worse.
(Check out the shots of the revised TLX for 2018. As well as current MDX)

They need something. They don’t need to become weird like Lexus.
They just need good, attractive designs that stand out.

Is that so hard? Are they no Italian designers left in the world?

So let’s hope this new MDX is the start of something much better.

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  1. Vince you are full of it and now you proved it. Drive an MDX first and then talk. It is one of the best handling and fastest SUVs in the market. I know I know it's the crack thing for you, but it is not our fault.

  2. Acura is trash these days. Honda offers about 95% of what an Acura is for 75% of the price (and they don't look stupid).

  3. Pardon me Mr.Acura fan.
    You are 100% correct. They are great driving cars. On top of being extremely reliable.

    But that is not what my post was about. It was strictly about design.
    They are the worst looking things on wheels right now.
    But yes, I am sure they drive great…

    There is no excuse for designing something like the current MDX or RDX. People who design these are still professionals and they should now better.
    They should take a little pride in their work.
    Step back and look at what they do once in a while. And check out the competition.

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