2019 Ford Focus???

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Actually, I am not sure at all what this is.

It is surrounded by a bunch of Ford trucks, so it might be a Ford.
Looks like a hatchback the size of the Focus.

But it could be some Toyota too. Maybe a version of the next Corolla?

Any ideas? What do you think?

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  1. It looks like a spy shot of the 2008 Ford Focus judging by the side view mirror, rims, chmsl location and overall shape. If it was the 2019 focus in a Ford parking lot, wouldn't be surrounded with the current gen f150 instead of the previous gen?

  2. That still looks like a hatch to me. Sorry. Especially when compared to that other picture on the link above…

    And, sorry again, but no.
    I will not stop with the crack…

  3. maybe its "not" the 2019, or the 2009 Focus. Maybe … jut maybe … its the next-NEXT generation super secret Focus. The 2026 Focus.

    These are just ideas.

  4. Affectionately called the "Fukus" by auto repair shops, looks like Ford has found a new way to well "Fuk-us"

  5. Definitely the 2008-2911 NA Focus. It has for lug nuts per wheel and the wheels themselves were from that generation. The trunk was high compared to the belt line which gives the illusion of a hatch with the camouflage. The crap they have on the back window plays visual tricks as well.

  6. I'm embarrassed for you, Vince. Why would Ford be surrounding it with a bunch of F-150s from TWO generations ago if this was a current picture!? Also the four-lug rims make it clear it's not a modern generation. It may look like a hatch to you because of the cladding camo…but that's it. Otherwise, it is absolutely the 2008 Focus.

  7. Um..I really don't know what it is, but…um…could it be the next whatever? And for fun..let's call it a Focus or Civic or Chrysler something. Any good guesses?

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