A few thoughts about that 2019 Ford Ranger…

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 From what we’ve seen in the spy shots of the 2019 US Ranger, it looks like we are pretty much getting the same version that has been on sale over seas for a while.
With just a few changes. maybe new engines etc…

The current model is actually a revised version of the overseas Ranger that came out back in 2011.
So, nothing you could call “new”.
Ford would be pulling an “Ecosport” on us. (Brining over a design that has been on sale overseas for awhile. That is now officially called “pulling an Ecosport”)

Which is just fine. Since that “new” Ranger looks really good. It aged much better than the Ecosport.
It will be more than a match for the Chevy/GMC twins.
And there seems to be no competition from Nissan coming up anytime soon. (Although they’ve had a new compact pick up in Europe for a while now)
Toyota is the only Japanese manufacturer that never abandoned the “smaller pick up” segment.

Just like the Chevy Colorado, these aren’t really compact anymore. The t6 Ranger is about one inch from the current Colorado.
But about 10 inches longer than the old US Ranger.

Unless this is all wrong and by next year they’ll have an all new one…
In that case, forget everything I just said…

(A good think to do in general)

Ford also said they are bringing the Bronco back.
I really don’t think they will spend the money and design something special for us,  or go really cool and retro.

I think they will just rebadge the Everest SUV already on sale overseas. Maybe with a more aggressive grille?
As you can see, the Everest is just an SUV version of the 4 door ranger.
So it’s a truck. It would be more like a new version of the old “Bronco 2”. Remember these?
the first Explorer was supposed to be the redesigned Bronco 2 ( I even remember seeing a prototype on the freeway with Bronco 2 badges on it !)

Although I am not sure where it would fit in the US lineup. Since we have the Explorer.
Unless they have decided to dump the Explorer?
The pick-up truck based Everest/Bronco would sure be cheaper to produce.
And I haven’t heard of a new Explorer coming out…. Even though it’s about time…
Between the Edge and new Expedition, a new mid sized truck based SUV would doffer something different.


What do you think?

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  1. I hated my last Ranger, and have no interest in this warmed-over eco-truckette. I think this is a mistake — too crude to put against Tacoma, Colorado, Ridgeline, etc.

  2. Ford has been painfully conventional with most of their latest updates. The update of the Escape was nothing short of botched. The Mustang is okay on the exterior, but has a trashy interior and a convertible top mechanism from the stone age. They allowed the Flex to grow old on the vine. The upcoming Fiesta is dowdy and low-rent. Even the Continental is boring and ordinary… and only impresses anyone because it's new and shiny. With the Bronco, I hope that they do something really cool. Make it like a damned Tonka Truck that's really capable off-road… similar to a Wrangler. If they don't manage to do that, they're squandering a real opportunity.

  3. I think there is room for the Everest in the lineup with the Explorer. The Everest is truck based and smaller. They would probably need the sales of a 4 door SUV to justify a special Bronco. Toyota may not have abandoned the midsize truck market, but by keeping the Tacoma essentially unchanged for so long (pulling a Ranger) they certainly have neglected the market.

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