All new 2018 Ford Expedition.

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So, after all these years. Here is finally an all new version of the Expedition.
I am really not into big giant trucky luxury things. But this doesn’t look to obnoxious.
From the side, it looks a lot (a lot!) like the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban.
I guess that what people who buy that kind of thing want: the same thing.
At least, it doesn’t have a giant chromy grille that sticks out. Which makes it a bit more civilized looking.
The interior still looks pretty plasticky. I know these are pictures. But that console looks pretty…..blunt and unrefined. 
Again, people who want a truck might actually like that.
I guess Ford has done a pretty nice job at updating a dinosaur. Which might be harder to do than we think.
Next: The Lincoln Navigator version.

This is the Navigator concept from last year. You can tell the profile is pretty much the same as the new Expedition.
So, once again, it looks like the Navigator will be a luxury clone of the Expedition.
And, unfortunately, the Lincoln will probably have the horrible grille from the concept. 

But let’s hope they stay close to the interior design of the concept. Which is really classy, luxurious and original.
And huge improvement over the regular Expedition, but also the poor cheesy/vulgar Continental interior.

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  1. "I guess that what people who buy that kind of thing want: the same thing"

    Indeed. I'm surprised that there are enough buyers (beyond government agencies) for this thing. Too urban for off-road and too big and wasteful for crowded cities. It's the pinnacle of uselessness.

  2. What's up with the thick body color C-pillar? That would actually make more sense for the Lincoln version, since it implies a luxury upright roofline.. and the blackout pillar should have been used for the Ford, to tie it to the Edge and Flex.

  3. Anonymous said…
    Ford dash is a copy of the old Titan. Look it up

    Just like the new Titan is a copy of the f-150. You could say it's payback…

  4. Wowser, this car wasn't even on my radar or though for thinking about an update…

    I really like it… if I was a rich dude in Connecticut, for sure owning one would be on my list. I could truck my 4 kids around in it with our Great Dane. It has great exterior styling…

    I love the bold girl, but subtle at the same time, as well as the focus on the headlights, as well as the styling cues from the Explorer on the fog laps and tail lights. I see an exterior WIN

    as for the interior…I am leaning towards Vince's stance on being a little to plastic & not enough style. I do see a little promise in the dash, thinking maybe a different variation in color could help things pop…

    more to come, I'm sure from Mr. Burlapp….

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