Another teaser of the new Volvo XC60

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Already shaping up top be quite a good looking SUV.
I smell another great looking Volvo coming up.
Its really nice to see a brand coming up with one nice design after another. Like Mazda. And even, mostly, Kia.

And with a scaled down S90 interior design, it really could be one of the best of its class.

We only have a few days to wait. 

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  1. That would be great if it is a downsize XC90! The T6 engine would be perfect for this XC60 since it about 500 lighter that using the current model weight of 3959 lbs. But I sure they are going use the XC90 chassis and should cut another 200-300 lbs more so that would be around 800 lbs lighter then the current XC90! Cannot wait to see it's release in Geneva!

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