China now Cadillac’s largest market

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Still is a strange thing. 
A huge communist country is now the largest market for one of the most recognized capitalist iconic product.
At least last month. 
Cadillac sold 10 298 cars in the US last month. And 18 011 in China.
We’ll have to wait if this happens for the whole year. But I’m sure it will.
Since the growth of the Chinese market is at a much higher pace than ours. 
And, I guess, Cadillac still means “Cadillac” to them. Since they never had the disaster models from decades ago…
Our first Chinese made Cadillac sold in the US will be the Plug-in version of the new CT6.

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  1. """"""Communist""""""
    No surprises here. China is a country of extremes: the poor are REALLY poor and the rich are very, very rich. So much so that they keep many pseudo-luxury/luxury brands alive. Just look at Buick.

  2. I don't think Americans realize how vast & gigantic China is. 1/3 of the people on the entire plant (about 2-1/2 Billion People) live in CHINA. They produce more pollution than ANY other nation on earth EVER has–and it INCREASES every HOUR. They build more NEW Freeways EACH YEAR than we have EVER built in the ENTIRE USA — EVER. I think Cadillac sales will ALWAYS be greater in China — even though China already has many of it's own luxury car companies. And remember — GM China, it's patents, processes, management, people & factories are ALL MAJORITY OWNED — NOT by GM, but by The Communist Party of China (which rules CHINA TOTALLY ). A brave new world, indeed! Imagine in 10-20 years when Artificial Intelligence starts making decisions over there !!!

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