Citroen DS7 SUV

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Yes, it does have a little more style than an Audi Q5. But that’s not saying much.

It looks like all DS designs will be pretty traditional from now on.
While all Citroen models will finally look borderline crazy like the Cactus. Which is great.

I just wonder where that puts Peugeot into that mix.
I guess DS is more upscale?

Who knows…
Seems that DS models are more and more targeted for the Chinese market anyway.

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  1. The original DS is rolling in it's grave right now. It should be a crime to associate the DS name to this boring mommy-mobile

  2. I've read somewhere that so far DS isn't exactly setting the market alight in China. A model like this may help them do better as this is a popular segment, but then again, so are compact SUVs and the DS 6WR sales figures are apparently considerably lower than expected

  3. This is for Chinese market only. Euro spec DS is very different from China built DS. Chinese DS looks already dated.

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