Fiat Toro coming to the US

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 That makes total sense. Since the Chevy Colorado seems pretty popular.
It’s really a no brainer to bring over the Toro pick up as a compact Ram truck.

(The prototype pictured above seems to have a larger grille than the Fiat version sold in Brazil)

It’s pretty much ready to go.
Not sure but I don’t think it is as big as the Colorado. Which could be a good thing. I think there is a market in the US for something that size.

Also, not sure if the truck/car would be coming straight from Brazil or not.

 Here are a few pictures of the Fiat version.
Currently offered in Brazil.

I really think this could work here.

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  1. I can't stand most Fiat/Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge interiors. They all look so cheap and dated. Something about all that gray plastic and the bulbous look of everything. Just yuck!

  2. Fiat Toro is a huge deal here in Brazil. Its one of our most selling vehicles. But it is far smaller then Colorado, which we have here named Chevrolet S-10. Fiat Toro has 4,91 meter lengh and 2,98 meter wheelbase.

  3. Isn't this just a pick-up version of the current Jeep Cherokee? Looks just like the Cherokee, minus the hatch and the grill.

  4. Are there still rumblings for Jeep getting its own truck?

    Based on the design (what you can see through the cladding and based on the Brazil design), it almost seems as though it would slot into Jeep's lineup a bit more successfully as a Cherokee Truck. That brand prints money and if there is one thing FiatChrysler has shown an interest in over brand reverence, it's ability to turn a profit.

  5. It's smaller than Colorado/Tacoma: 4,91m (193 inches), but with more room inside.

    Here in Brazil, we have a 2.0 turbo diesel with 170hp and 2.4 gasoline (I think that's the same used in Compass/Cherokee).

    All the underpinnings (suspension, brakes, drivetrain) are the same of Compass/Renegade.

  6. The headlights in that mule are closer to the fender arch than in a standard Toro. They look a lot like the headlights that surfaced in the leaks following the dealer meeting last year.

  7. About the bulbous interiors: same here! They just always remind me of older 90's GM stuff.

    I also think this would look more like a Jeep. I mean the interior alone… But I think Ram does need a bit more than a few Full Size pick up trucks and commercial vans.
    This could be good for them.

    Also, Jeep is coming out very soon with a pick up version of the all new Ranger. Which could be around the same size.

    I really think selling the Toro are as a ram would be a good move for them. Cheap too. It's already there.
    Maybe they are afraid of new tariffs if imported from Brazil? Too expensive to build over here?

    Who knows…

  8. It looks like it could fit a couple of coolers, that's it. It looks nice, interior sucks, and it's not practical. I hope someone else buys Jeep/Chrysler/Ram

  9. I agree 100%, I think it looks almost exactly like the current Jeep Cherokee, given a few minor changes. I rented the Cherokee for a week and it was pretty awesome, but still just a weird way of FCA doing their shady business things.

  10. listen all you fools, i can help….build it with a longer box, then it will sell, in this form, it's a no go

  11. subaru brat didn't work cause it was very pricey and useless, this could be the same. Price should be ok , but box needs to grow

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