From the other guys: All new Jeep Compass test drive

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Autoblog just reviewed the all new Compass.

And they seem to like it.
It looks like the issues with Fiat/Chrysler 9 speed auto have been finally addressed.
And they don’t trash the 2.4 Liter engine like others have done. So that might have improved too?

Unless this is all due to that “press drive excitement”.
I have been there, a few times.
You get to drive all these new cars in a super cool location.
Everything is free and paid for.
Basically, everyone is having a great time.

The real test is usually when you get to keep the car for a few days, on your own, away from any press people.

Still, good to see a good review for this….

Head over HERE to read all about it.

Jalopnik does have a slightly different take.
While they really praise the interior and the design, they bash the engine for being too weak, and the 9 speed auto for being much too slow to react.
Read all about it HERE.

It looks like the new Compass is begging for a world famous “BurlappDrive”.
Which might not happen right away, since I don’t have access to their fleet. Yet…

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  1. I drove the Tigershark in both Renegade and Cherokee models with the 9 speed. I noticed the larger model being slow, whereas the smaller one felt odd in both accelerating and shifting. I have had my V6 2014 Cherokee for the past 3 years without any main complaints, so what this really boils down to is that the 9 speed in my opinion is made for more thruster engines , not normally aspirated 4's. What Jeep should have done with the new Compass is introduce it will the more powerful Hurricane as it is turbocharged. But I think Jeep is waiting for the more beloved (next years) Wrangler to do so.
    After reading the review, I am not sure if I want the Compass with the Tigershark, Instead, I might look at the new Mini Cooper S Countyman or Mazda CX-5 (2017 model).

  2. jeeps are the most attractive….also, jeeps are pure garbage, their parent company FIAT rates at the very bottom for quality….booooo

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