Honda Clarity EV: WTF???

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The EV version of the Hydrogen powered Clarity is now rumored to get only 80 miles per charge.
That’s right. 80 miles.

For a 2018 model that sounds like a joke.
Not only, it is far less than any other EVs. It’s not that much bore than a Volt. Which is a Plug-in car that will never leave you stranded.

Unless, that rumor is about the upcoming Plug-in hybrid version of the Clarity?
In that case, it would be great! 80 miles EV plus gas.

If the rumor is true, and Honda can only get 80 miles out of an EV these days, it is a really sad statement about the company.

So let’s hope the rumor is wrong. Let’s hope the 80 miles EV range is actually for the Plug-in version.

Head over HERE for more info about that sad/crazy rumor.

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  1. The only thing that is very clear here is that this is a f_<|#g dud of the highest order. What a f'ing disgrace to the Honda name

  2. I sat inside one a few weeks ago. I can tell you it's NOT better looking in peson.
    I wonder if this is a weird preview of the next Accord design….

  3. Vince, we thought the previous FCV Clarity (which came out shortly after the ultra-modern 2006 Civics) would preview the 2008 Accord, but sadly it did not. This time, I'm very hopeful that this Clarity (which is coming out after the ghastly 2016 Civics) looks NOTHING like the next Accord.

  4. The concept looked fantastic but the translation to a production car has been even worse that a certain Subaru model we all know about… And 80 miles per charge sounds almost like Honda is deliberately trying to sabotage the project!

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