What is that???

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Not sure at all.
Was just sent to me. Trying to get more details.
Infiniti? Nissan?

Despite the design on the camouflage, this looks more like a 4 door car. Or large hatchback actually…
The wheelbase seems too long for a coupe.
It also seems pretty big.

All I know is that the picture was taken in the US. (If that’s any help)
So it’s probably not some weird/unknown Chinese car.

What do you think???

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  1. That car is, proportionality, FWD. And the side profile shows that it is a sedan.
    It also has a fast back where the c pillar ends at the trunk rim, like the new Civic. With the timing of the development cycle, and all of the above considered, I think it has to the new Accord. There is no other known models that fulfills such conditions unless that's a completely new model which didn't pre-exist.

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