What is this??? (Lexus ES?)

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That’s all I could come up with.
Since a new ES always comes out soon after a new Camry, it does make sense.
I was also told it could be the GS. But this looks more like a FWD car.

Plus the timing. As the Camry just came out.

What do you think?

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  1. There has been some talk amongst company brass I've heard that one of the Lexus sedans is going bye-bye. The GS is the slowest seller and the company loses around $10,000 every time a customer returns one at lease end and customers always return them because they aren't worth their residual. The IS sells best nowadays, and ES is close second. Therefore it is thought they may merge the ES and GS. The proportions of this sedan look more like a Hyundai Azera to me… that being said, it will be interesting to see what happens at Lexus as the GS only really sells in CA and FL in RWD configuration and in anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line it is sold as AWD which makes it perform worse (6-speed instead of 8-speed, hump on the floor under driver, heavier) and cost more. Will Lexus make the ES the FWD version and the GS the AWD version? Will Lexus only offer ES in FWD as it has historically and instead make the new GS a long wheelbase version of IS? Or will Lexus leave the ES alone and make the best IS the size of an A4 or 3-series and call it a day, thus discontinuing the GS? The current IS is the size of those cars on the outside, but the size of the A3 and 2-series on the inside. What do you think, Vince? I'm sorry to say, I don't think the GS is long for this world despite it being an excellent car. When the original GS debuted it was the fastest automatic transmission sedan in the world! It also used to sell well. We are entering the sedanocalypse and Lexus isn't immune to it! Most Lexus sedans were down about 33% last year except IS which was only down 9%.

  2. That's the next Accord. Look at the roofline compared to the new Civic. And that little bit of front fender looks similar to the new Civic as well.

  3. I have to go with Nissan something. GT-R Rims and classic Nissan curves on the side rear and front fenders are a dead give away

  4. The ES isn't on the same schedule as the Camry anymore because it's tied to the Avalon in the current generation.

  5. No. it's not.
    That link is from Nov 2015!

    That prototype also seems much larger than the compact Impreza sedan.

    The Avalon is actually a cool idea. New Altima as well.

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