2018 Acura TLX teaser

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Well. Of course.
Now that they are in love with their new grille design, they have to put it on everything.

So the TLX is next.

Acuras are good cars. They are just not pretty anymore.
And these stupid names don’t help. At least the old ones did have a little bit of personality.

As for the grille, I actually think it is worse than the previous one everyone hated.
It just screams “old” to me. And uninspired.

It’s really too bad.
It is pretty close to this picture from my previous post.

Again, a really good car in search of a good design. And a personality.

How about firing a few people over there?

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  1. Totally agree!! was in the market for a sedan after owning an Integra, and then the stupid beak showed up. now the un-beak….

  2. Solid cars, average designs. If they improve braking and handling stats, they are standouts. And you are right, now I have second thoughts about the beak. I hope the upcoming RDX has kick ass handling so I can buy it.

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