2018 Honda Accord

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Nothing we have not seen yet. These prototypes are still all covered up.

You can tell the silhouette is similar top the slick Civic. Which is almost a hatchback.

Expect a downsize in engines . Following the usual trend, the V6 might just be replaced with a 2.0 Turbo.

This will do battle with the revised 2018 Sonata.
But especially with the all new Toyota Camry.

I just wish someone had the guts to make these “hatchback looking fastback designs” a real hatchback.
Why not offer something different?
Take a chance.

Thanks for these to a reader, Dan.

You can also see more of these 2018 Accord prototypes driving around, HERE, and THERE.

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  1. Man – this car has a PILE of overhang beyond the wheels. Not sure how that'll translate into car 'reality'

    Honda has a trend of 'good design' followed by 'bad design' with Accords I've noted. The last model (pre-refresh) was pretty good. Lets hope they break this pattern….

  2. The Accord is handsome and a heck of a car and its 4 cylinder engine is a gem. Judging from the Civic, they are not going to mess it up. These photos do not say much, although the overhangs look a bit much?

  3. I love that they brought back the Civic Hatchback, but the sleek rear end design was butchered. All they had to do is turn the sedan's back into a hatch. Instead they made it look bloated and then put a hatch on it so the design no longer works. Thanks Honda. Just when you think their design team is turning around….. I bet they take a promising new Accord design and butcher it into another hideous Crosstour.

  4. Honda salespeople commenting aside…..everyone is aware that sedans are days away from being extinct. A variation that is more upright, taller, aggressive a utilitarian is what's needed. Honda hasn't styled a vehicle well in decades. Think about that Van, the dorks truck and the rest of the litter…….yuk !!!

  5. Honda salespeople commenting aside…..

    You are right. That's why Honda has such a hard time selling its cars, trucks or whatever. You nailed it again genius.

  6. Maybe the vehicle behind the coverup cat is the actual new Pilot! I like the look of it. Just saying it pretty shape looking crossover!

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