2018 Hyundai Sonata

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 Here it is. Th real thing.
Like we discussed before, this is not an all new car.
But the usual mid-cycle facelift, with new front, rear end design. And a few new bits inside.
Plus new tech and safety.

So no one is confused, the two pictures above are the current model.
So you can compare with the 2018 one above…

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  1. This car should had gotten a redesign 2 years ago. This design debuted in 09' as a 2010. Its 8 years old for crying out loud

  2. The exterior looks 100% better. I think the restyled front/rear treatments look very sharp. I think this updated Sonata will be one of the better looking mainstream midsize sedans on the market.

    The interior is still ultra conservative, but that seems to be the current trend with all Hyundai/Genesis/Kia interior designs lately.

    Overall, job well done, Hyundai.

  3. Visually, the updates to the plastic bits are meaningless. It looks as milquetoast as it always did. But Hyundai probably did a bunch of updates that aren't just visual. Usually these mid-cycle updates are things Automakers have to do in order to be in compliance with upcoming safety and emissions standards.

  4. i agree with poster saying substandard….owned many other brands, tried this band….very disappointing . i think it's like a one time wonder company, they are finished.

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