2018 Hyundai Sonata

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 Just a few changes really.
This will stay a pretty conservative choice. Competing mostly against the Passat I guess.
While the Fusion and Optima still appeal to those who want something a bit more modern looking…

That revised interior (above) isn’t really new.
The dash is actually the same. While everything within the main part is new. Like a new larger screen,  new dials. No more CD.

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  1. "Just a few changes really." It's got an entirely new front and rear. That said, I'm not sure what you're expecting with a mid-cycle facelift. This is the same thing that happened with the Camry in 2015.

    "Within the main part." You mean, the center stack? Of course the dash is the same. Again, what do you expect?

  2. The whole main rubberized part is the same.
    Which, like you said, is fine since it's just a mid-cycle refresh.

    (not sure where you saw I was expecting much more)

    As for the Camry, about every single body panel was new for 2015. Except the glass. Something no one really does for a mid-cycle refresh.
    This is nothing like it. The profile of the car is the exact same.
    Again, as expected.

  3. Yep. Was ready to buy but seen No CD player. I listen to audio books on my nearly 60 minute commute. What were they thinking?!?!

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