2018 Toyota Sienna SE

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I mean really.

Look at this. The “sporty’ SE version now has 90’s looking clear tail lights!
I guess they are trying to conjure memories of the old 1st generation Lexus IS?
Or RX?

I had no idea this was still a thing for some people…
This looks like cheapo after market stuff.
(The whole thing does actually)

On another note. I just learned from a reader with “inside knowledge” that Toyota is indeed preparing an all new Sienna for 2019 or 2020.
So I guess they didn’t really abandoned that segment. Just fort the next 2 or 3 years…

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  1. Yeah, same carryover tail lights. At least they are still LED, unlike the current other models post refresh.

  2. This photo does not match up with the blue one in your previous post. The tail lights are red (at least from the angle of the photo and also look like they protrude a little bit from the body more like a Forerunner. That being said, this is an extremely lame facelift but I would guess most Toyota buyers won't care- they buy Priuses and that has to be the ugliest car on the planet.

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