2018 Volvo XC60 Video

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the best way to enjoy the all new XC60 from Volvo .
Until it actually comes out…

From your best friend Vince Burlapp. Of course.

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  1. Nothing unusual, ground-breaking or exciting here. same old…May be it is the colour? I bet you even the "new" X3 coming out later this year, new from the ground up of course, will be another …meh. It looks like automakers do not want to venture too far from existing designs. Could it be the electric trend ramping up later this decade?

  2. Nice front and interior and that's about it. Not feeling the C pillar windows and the rear lights. Too feminine looking.

  3. I am also waiting for the new redesigned X3 and X5! But I think the Velar is hard to bet in terms of styling and looks! $14K more for V6 engine however is the only thing holding me back on ordering it now and waiting for new BMWs to be release in August/September!

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