2018 Volvo XC60

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Looking good…
But pretty close to the current one. Although it is all new.

At least it does look like a Volvo. And does look good.
Much nicer than the BMW X3 or the Mercedes GLC.
Since the X3 never looked that good, and the GLC feels like a Kia with a Mercedes grille.

This at least is unmistakably Volvo. In a good way.

Much more official pix very soon. 

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  1. The side view and DLO in particular looks very much like a Jeep Cherokee. Of course, these days they all look the same…

  2. This looks very close to that of the current XC60! For what ever reason; Volvo did not make a smaller XC90 model but just went with the current XC60 and did minor changes to it! Sad! Not feel it!

  3. I think Volvo changed just enough here. There are the Mazda of Sweden these days. Was that last poster DJT, ratings machine, aka Potus?

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