All new 2018 Buick Regal will not be a sedan in the US

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That’s pretty amazing. I was also talking about this on my 2018 Accord Spy shot post.
I think there is a market for mid-sized 4 door hatchbacks in the US. Ans someone should just start.
it looks like Buick will be the one.
Automobile News is reporting the new Regal will only be offered as a hatchback and wagon in the US.
We already know the wagon version will be the upcoming raised up AWD version, not the regular model already offered in Europe.

I think this is great news.
The current regal is still a great car.
The next one does need something different . A hatchback is the way to go.

The US Buick version will be shown in just a bout 3 weeks.

The regular sedan version is now apparently heading only to China.

(European Opel hatch and wagon versions pictured above)

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  1. sexy wagon, however, to sell, here is the formula. Follow it and you will succeed GM, don't follow it and this will sit on lots like the buick Reatta.

    Higher off the ground

    classy painted/Plastic combo fender flares


    Giddy Up!

    Free Advice

  2. I am gracing your pages in an attempt to revive, replenish and reactivate the Burlapp site.

    Vince, you remember me, using my excellent terms such as ….

    a "nice piece of kit" and "boulevard car"

    I'm back stinky.

  3. Really? I'm quite impressed! GM actually doing something…*GASP* different? We haven't had a midsize hatchback in the US since the first gen Mazda 6!

  4. Way to go Buick. I think the Malibu should have taken advantage of it's rear rake also, as well as the Civic sedan. The Civic hatch is abysmal.

  5. Then by the time the Kia Optima wagon lauches they'll say it is the copycat and treat the buick like it's orginal.

    Ignoring the Buick is a mix of Mazda 6 and Kia Optima. But accuse the Kia Stinger of being unorginal.

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