Another Illustration of the upcoming 2018 Volvo XC40

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Again, not the real thing yet.
Just another illustration done from a picture of last year’s concept.

I thought I’d post it, since this one shows the “hidden” rear door handles.
Similar to the concept.

I think it’s a feature that is really part of the design. And they will keep it on the production car.

But really, who knows….

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  1. Very good looking. Hope they keep the price affordable and include Pilot Assist II. If so, it could be their best selling model. Hope they have it at the NY Auto Show in a couple weeks.

  2. I know that some of the posted photos suck, but this thing looks like its wheels are bigger than the chassis.

  3. Keeping my eye on the XC40. Really like what I've seen so far. Could be a potential replacement for my Subaru in a few years.

  4. vince, it has already been shown in the winter testing photos that the door handle on the rear doors will be in the 'normal' position.

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