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Reuters is reporting that PSA has indeed agreed to buy Opel from GM.

Not sure why, but that makes me a little bit sad…

I just wanted Opel to stay with GM. Like it has “almost” always been.
Plus, I really like the current Buick models. They are really good cars.
And that’s because they are mostly Opel’s, or heavily based on Opel models.
What will happen to that??

Buck’s best selling car in China is the new Excel GT. ( A newer version of our discontinued Verano)
Which is basically an Opel Astra! They sold over 370 000 of these over there.
When was the last time Buick sold 370 000 of anything here?
What will happen of that car now that PSA owns it?
Why would GM give that up?
Is Buick now gone?
Buick are Peugeots now?

What will Buick become without Opel?
An all new Regal is around the corner. Which is basically the new Opel Insignia. What about that??
Now PSA owns another brand that competes with its own Peugeot and Citroen. Why?

I just don’t get it. GM claims Opel is loosing money. But cars based on Opels are making them tons of money around the world.

I just don’t get it..

An official announcement is due on Monday.

You can read the whole Reuter thing HERE

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  1. I don't quite get this as Opel and GM Darwin run this company due to the products. Since Holden is fake Holden now, what happens to those vehicles too? Smh as I walk towards that Chevy SS cash on the hood edition.

  2. See some of the articles on this like Automotive news. It's not tons of money. Volume doesn't mean big profit. Problem is incredible high competition in this space with small profit and high Investments (Europe especially).

    It's same reason as FCA.

  3. But cars ….based on Opels …..are making them tons of money around the world.

    This above sentence does not make any sense. But, let me be brief and unerstood. Opel, as a subsidiary, is losing money. Where do you get your info Vince? Do you have access to different numbers than the GM published reports?

  4. Everybody breathe. I am sure that the deal has provisions for continued production of the new Buicks. Then for the next generation, GM will have to move the Buicks either to all new chassis or onto existing chassis

  5. Most Buicks are either rebadged Opel models. Or share Opel platforms.
    Buick sold over a million cars last year alone !
    Over 860 000 of these were in China (Where all Buicks are pretty much rebadged Opels)

    Without Opel, there is basically no Buick.

    There is no way GM is not making money from 1 million Buick a year.
    And now all future Holden models for Australia are supposed to be rebadged Opels as well.

    So no more Holden either???

    It just makes zero sense.

    Here is more info:—-because-china/92363996/

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