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This is the Hybrid version of the Honda Spiror, for China.

I have a bad feeling that it could become our US Accord. Eventually.
Or, that Honda will use a lot of design elements from that car for the Accord.

This would be bad news.

I am not keeping my hopes up for the Accord. I do like the current Civic a lot, although there are way too many stupid details on the car.
The Hatchback is a horrible sight.

And with the recent news of them  offering a stupid 80 miles EV sedan !
(The stupidest car marketing decision in years. Equal with pricing the Cadillac ELR at $75 000)

I guess, they just don’t care….

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  1. Thanks a lot for the link Mr. Anonymous!

    But I still think it looks terrible. Some boring 90's stuff. With extra crap details added on.
    It's just put together, NOT designed.

  2. Hopefully not! What drives me crazy are those fog lights. They have been using the same exact ones on every vehicle since 2001 except for the 2011-2013 Odessey and the current Accord!!!

  3. Vince, design is personal and IMHO the Accord Sport is one of the best looking deans on the road. I do not see what will spoil the secret sauce wih the new one, especially with the turbo. Look at the new A4, banal looking at best, but heck of a car.

  4. I did drove the A4 for a few days. NOT a heck of a car. To me it was as boring to drive as to look at.
    I actually prefer the much cheaper Passat to the A4.

    The Accord is a very popular car still. So I know i am not in the majority. And you are right, design is very personal…

  5. honda has been disappointing and unimpressive now going on 20 years!

    Have you ever driven one? It is time to stop being a downer and get your hands on one of them. You never know you might change your mind.

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