Look who is copying the VW Atlas.

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Some Chinese company, of course.

That’s a really weird one. First, who would ever thing anyone would be inspired to copy the Atlas design. Really.

Second, I actually think the Chinese copy look a bit better.
It looks like a cross between the Atlas and the new Tiguan.

Same thing inside. It’s obviously an Atlas copy. With more chrome and fake wood.
But doesn’t seem worse than the terrible Atlas interior.

Good job “obscure Chinese company”!

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  1. Not understanding why anyone would copy such an outdated and bad design, but if you need to copy I s?uppose you can't tell the difference?

  2. That is more of a copy of the concept car. Too bad unlike VW some Chinese company is actually capable of producing that without the uglifying of teh Atlas production car….

  3. Looks more like a new Tiguan copy with an Atlas nose than a full Atlas. It still looks better than the Atlas if you ask me.

  4. I to like the Chinese design better. It got more luxurious interior and huge size infotainment screen and exterior has the sharp lines that mark the more sportier brands like Audi and BMW.

  5. China….chinese….why you ask are they associated with some negativity? Perhaps because of lawless, non conforming ways such as copying may lend an ear towards the reason.

  6. we all know VW lied, cheated etc, but people are very, very naive and stupid and unaware. Proof…during and since the ongoing growing scandal, VW has become the #1 selling brand in the world. that's a real LOL

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