Opel Insignia Sports Tourer: The Burlapp video

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In this short video. You see why 90% of people who are getting an SUV could be getting a wagon instead.
Unless  riding high makes them “feel safe” for some reason…
(a friend of mine looking for a car just tole me that last week)

This is as much room as a family of 4 will ever need.
You could even sleep in it! This could be the perfect camping car.

Again, our Buick regal Tour-X will be a raised up version of this, similar to the Subaru Outback.
I guess US regulations will consider it an SUV, or “light truck” once it is raised up.
Just like Mercedes did with the US GLA. (The European version is obviously lower)
And Audi with the Q3.

Being categorized  as a light truck allows for easier/cheaper regulations in the US. Which equals to more profits.
That is probably why we will not be getting the regular wagon version.

And also probably why the gorgeous Volvo V90 wagon is only available in the US as the raised up Cross Country version (regular V90 is special order only in the US. But still around $6000 less)

And also, why they are pushing SUVs so much in general.

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  1. Riding high does not make you feel safer, but gives you a better visibility of the road, which in it self makes you safer. Buick cannot be that stupid and replace a sedan with a wagon. Wagon has a stigma. If they call it a hatchback, they may get some fools to buy it. Will it help attract younger buyers? I doubt it.

  2. Why do some reviewers find it so difficult to understand that many people prefer to sit high in an SUV or Crossover rather than sinking down into a car? There is no "for some reason" about it. This wagon is gorgeous. I'd take it over a sedan any day. But for highway driving, I prefer to sit higher.

  3. I guess it is a matter of driving taste. I just don't like being too high. I never feel my visibility is that much better by being 2 or 3 inches higher.
    But it does feel a bit tippy most of the time.
    I also never feel like I am "sinking down into a car".
    Unless it is something like a Porsche or a miata. I never have that feeling in a sedan.

    But again. I think it comes down to preference.

  4. Vince Burlapp said…
    But it does feel a bit tippy most of the time.

    Vince, have you driven any SUV since the 1990 Ford Explorer days? The tippy feel is gone dude. Any SUV with above .80g is as good as a car, although being aware that you are driving something with a higher center of gravity is just smart.

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