PSA/Opel “merger” 1st casualty: The next Opel Corsa

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They’ve been testing this car for a while now. it looks like it was almost ready to go. But no…

 The PSA boss is now saying the next Corsa will switch to a new PSA platform.
So the car you see above will never happen.

Which is weird since it seems so ready.
they also say the car was supposed to be a 2019 model. Also weird.

Now it will be ready with the new platform for 2020.

I drove a Corsa a few months ago in Europe.
it’s just an OK car.

So it looks like Opel won’t really have a competitive car in that segment for 3 years now?
Couldn’t they wait for the next generation to share platform?

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  1. Apparently only already existing models are allowed to use GM platforms, all GM based developments had to be canceled (this would have shared it's underpinnings with the next Sonic) at Opel.

    I agree killing of a product so late in development is stupid (though probably this might get a life as Buick in China, who knows), and that it will be a long time for the current Corsa with the new Fiesta out and a new Polo around the corner, and even budget alternatives being newer and competitive by now.

  2. we dont know, if PSA had already bought the platforms in development phase.
    As small cars not so popular in North America, PSA might have bought this platform to produce next Corsa, 208 and C3.

    I have seen PSA was saying that next Peugeot 208 will ride on a new platform.

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