2018 Audi A8

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This is just an illustration. But why not.

Audis are easy to guess. Just square off the current design bit and you have the next one.
So I am sure this is pretty close to what we will see in a few weeks/months.

And again, it will be quite invisible. It’ll be like “since they look the same why not get a much cheaper 2 year old one?”

I am really looking forward to more companies like Lucid or even faraday to re-invent the luxury sedan.
The large super boring German ones seem like dinosaurs now….

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  1. "Audis a re say to guess. "

    Vince – Do you ever read your posts before loading them? There are frequent errors in the text.

    Happens almost every day.

  2. I think to a certain degree, the Tesla S has already shaken up the luxury car segment. But the real deal will be if the large sedan will be that relevant in 15 years or so, or it will be more a mix of "large 4 door coupeish things" (the Panamera, or the Model S as well) and some Cross over/SUVs (they are stealing sales everywhere else, so why not that segment – i guess teh Bentley Bentyaga e.g. will easily outsell the Flying Spur, as will the Q7 the Audi A8).

    Whilst the S-Class still enjoys quite a status, the 7 series BMW is already kind of invisible, and defines itself mostly as a gadget laden behemoth, a 5 series is somehow the cooler, more straight forward car with pretty much the same tech. The Audi A8, this new one? Even more, this also looks 1990ie s cab forward/FWD, a thing most other Audis have passed, so not only predictable and boring, but also dated looking. Sure, it will certainly have "ze" largest and ze most touchscreens inside, with ze most animations and so on, but still, boring, and kind of irrelevant….

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