2018 Chinese Buick Regal

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There will be, after all, a sedan (non hatchback) version of the new Buick Regal.
But so far, only for China. (A good thing)

The model pictured above looks to be a sporty version. With terrible black wheels. Horrific side skirts, and weirdo lower bumper air intakes.
The rear bumper is also ruined.

The new Regal/Insignia is a nice looking car, but trying that hard to make it look like a sports car is a terrible idea…

Let’s hope the plans “sporty” V6 version for the US does not inherit these horrible adds on.

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  1. I actually think the sedan looks better than the hatch imho. I really believe they should bring both to our market.

  2. The Regal sedan looks much better then the hatchback version and definitely better then the station wagon! I probably look at it serious if it were in the U.S. but it not!

  3. I fear that this could be a look at the design of the upcoming OPC Insignia's. Albeit with smaller wheels.

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