2018 Honda Civic SI

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After the visual nightmare of the hatchback, I was expecting the worst for the new Sporty Si version of the sedan and coupe.
I was actually pleasantly surprised.
As it does look quite restrained. Especially the sedan.

I guess it does compete with cars like the Jetta GLI and Elantra Sport. Both of these cars have very subtle designs.
Honda is only saying it will be priced in the “mid 20s”.
Which means more than the Elantra Sport. But a little less than the VW GLI.

You will get 205HP from the 1.5 Liter turbo. And a 6 speed manual.
The Si is also not a base model. As it comes with heated seats, dual zone air conditioning and a 10 speaker sound system.

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  1. The Civic Si has been stuck at about 200hp for decade. Isn't it time for a boost in hp?? This seems lie a downgrade for the Si name at this point, when it is no more special than a mildly sporty Elantra.

  2. They have upped the torque, so I will be quicker off the line. The rear is a little too much? I hope they put the same engine on the Accord Sport.

  3. nowadays 205hp does not justify that kind of wing on any car, let alone one the size of a Civic Coupe….

  4. Absolutely revolting. Those stupid fake vents in the front and rear bumpers are just ridiculous.

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