2018 Hyundai Kona teaser.

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Here is the very first official teaser of the all new Hyundai Kona.
The Kona will basically go against the Nissan Juke and the new Toyota C-HR. (And many others)
The teaser shows a very modern light design. Especially for an inexpensive car.

 Here is the real thing, caught testing in Europe.
Here we see a pretty conservative/boring typical Hyundai grille…

And here is, I guess, the original inspiration: the 2014 Intrado concept.

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  1. "very modern light design. Especially for an inexpensive car."

    The same light design as the Jeep Cherokee and the Citroën C4 Cactus. And inspired by the Juke itself, which pioneered this setup. If anything, I would say it's become too commonplace by now, especially in this segment…

  2. It's got the stupid bug eyed look also found on the Nissan Juke and Jeep Cherokee. It doesn't look good on those vehicles and it doesn't look any better here. I hope this trend goes away and fast!

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