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I just tweaked the official teaser from Lincoln.
Which is so dark you can only guess the headlights.

As you can see, and as predicted, the new Navigator will inherit the ugly new Lincoln grille. Of course.

I really hope they don’t apply this terrible thing to their current lineup of really nice looking SUVs like the MKC and MKX. (If they want to change something they should change these stupid names.)

That grille looks boring on the Continental. It looks terrible and doesn’t fit at all the design of the revised MKZ.

But I have to admit, the ugly grille does fit the big/dinosaur like truck design better than slick Crossovers and sedans.
So I guess the Navigator will be “just fine”?

 Here is last year’s concept version.
Looks like they did change the lower bumper design on the production model.

And here is the amazing interior from the concept.
Let’s hope this part will make it to the production model.

This shows exactly what a modern Lincoln interior should be.
This is miles ahead of the Escalade.
This is just fantastic.

And, this is what should be inside the Continental. Instead of that cheapo looking shinny mess they have now.. 

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  1. I don't know why you hate on the new Lincoln grill. At least it has some style, unlike Audi's grill, the Genesis grill, Cadillac's grill, Acura's beak, etc. All the Continental needs is about a 6 inch stretch – looks too small, and a new interior. You are right that the Continental dash is too plain, and looks cheap compared to the interiors on the new Mercedes. I do hate those tacked on center screens, though. That fad can't end soon enough – or at least take it to the logical conclusion and just put a port there for everyone to plug their iPad into.

  2. In a world of ghastly and cartoonish looking front ends, Lincoln's current grill is one of the least ugliest. It's only real sin is that it doesn't fit the rest of the MKZ.

  3. I hope you hate the Bentley as a well as the Jaguar front grill too because the new Navegator grill looks close them! I like the new front grill more the the split wing!

  4. I'm not sure why you keep hatin' on the new grille. I think it's the best look they've had in years and their overall designs are getting better and better. Luxury buyers don't always want something on the edge (poor Lexus), they like a substantial look, which this has, and the mesh being the Lincoln logo shapes is a nice touch.

    The pussycat/wings/waves/whatever nose was really gimmicky and very hard to scale/fit effectively on a variety of models. It really only worked on the MKZ, which was designed for it and the MKC. It's weak sauce on the other vehicles.

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