2018 VW Phideon GTE

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 VW introduced the Phideon in China over a year ago.
And it has been a flop so far.
Sales have never gone over 1000 units a month. (200/month so far for 2017)

The answer? A plug-in hybrid version !
The electrified model only gets about 31 miles electric.
Not that great, but still comparable to the Volvo S90 T8.

 The Phideon just looks lie a big Euro Passat. And it is based on the “china only” long wheelbase version of the Audi A6.
So basically, it is an Audi A6 with a Passat design….

Inside and out, things are very conservative.
Design wise, it cannot really compare with the Volvo S90…
And the back seat doesn’t look as room as the long wheel base S90 either anyway…

I don’t think we are missing much here….

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  1. Psst, a little hint. VWs are not considered luxury cars. So why bother getting in that space? That's why they have Audi.

  2. I assume this is a Hyundai Genesis G80 competitor. I'd take the one with the better drivers seat. (The benchmark on driver's seats these days is the new Continental by LINCOLN.) The 30-way with massage is phenomenal!

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