Chevrolet Fnr-X Concept

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The new Fnr-X ( can you believe “fnr” actually stands for “find new roads”!!)
is a really nice looking design.
At first I was wondering why this didn’t become the new Equinox??

Then I read it is a plug-in Hybrid.
So it might very well be based on the Volt.
An SUV based on the Volt would be a great idea for Chevrolet.
As the Volt is still ahead of pretty much every other plug-in hybrid cars on the market as far as EV range goes.
Even if they lose a few EV miles to the heavier SUV shape, they will still be ahead of anyone.

I bet a design close to this on the Volt platform would sell great.

What do you think???

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  1. Looks good. Kind of looks like GM kept all the old Saab design studies when the sold Saab. Especially in the rear 3/4 view. Would make a good looking Chevy EV crossover.

  2. If this is basically a Volt Crossover I'd buy it tomorrow. I like the Crossover size and 90% of my daily driving is <20 miles.

  3. Beautiful design – regardless of powertrain. They should be building this as the replacement for the Trax (if it's the size of a Volt).

  4. Although the design is a little overwrought and borrows from Lexus, Nissan, et al, it is a very cohesive and overall unique design. If you're going to offer an over-styled vehicle, it should look like this. Congrats to Chevy!

  5. Love the back and sides. Front it a little to busy and I see too much impala in it. I'd like to cross shop this though.

  6. Much MUCH better design than the typical SUVs that GM builds. Something like this would move them beyond their typical WT customer.

  7. A Volt based smaller crossover?

    Sign me up, Chevrolet.

    Just as long as it comes in that orange on the Cruze hatch.

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