Nissan Rogue Sport pricing.

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 The all new “slightly smaller than Rogue” Rogue Sport will start at $ 22 380.
(The US Rogue Sport is basically a US version of the Euro Nissan Qashqai. )

In the US, it is priced around $1000 more than the Juke. But about $2500 less than the regular Rogue.
And there is about 4 inches less legroom in the Sport, compared to the Rogue.

All versions get a 2.0 Liter Engine with 141hp and a CVT.
Which could be just fine.

It’s kind of strange that Nissan chose to “facelift” the Euro version right after finally introducing the car in the US.
The orange car is our Rogue Sport, while the blue one is the Euro 2018 Qashqai.

I actually like the simpler look of the US version much better.

The Rogue has been a big hit for Nissan in the US.
They sold almost 330 000 of them in 2016.

I know there is an idiot Nissan fanboy who has been commenting multiple times here about the Rogue
being the best selling car in the US. ( I might have deleted the idiotic posts…)
Which is of course not true at all.
Since it was beaten last year by the CR-V (357 335 units), the Rav-4 (352 156 units).
And even sedans like the good old Camry (388 618 units) and the Accord (345 225 units)

And there is the other dimwit who posts almost daily “Toyota hate” stuff.
But that’s another story….

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  1. Vince , proof of Rogues success has been sent to you. Why are you so rude and ignorant and such a bully towards people that post here. Especially when they are correct and you….are very wrong on many levels. Sad.

  2. The U.S. car market has a new sales king, effective 1Q 2017: Nissan Rogue. It’s the only non-pickup to sell more than 100,000 units in the quarter.

  3. i like this mini Rogue but i wonder if it will get a bump up in horsepower or at least use a variant of the turbo sentra engine with at least 165-170 HP….but i guess Nissan wont do that till they up the 170 HP in the regular Rogue( which has had the same engine and horsepower since day one…). I heard here in Canada nissan will still call the baby rogue by it's goofy european name, Qashqai….ughh….Rogue Sport sounds better.

  4. Looking at the picture of the face lifted Euro version, I have a theory as to why we didn't get that one here in the states. The face lift version looks a lot like the face lifted 2017 Rogue. The version they are bringing over looks closer to the pre-face lift 2014-2016 Rogue. So, I believe the reason they likely brought over the non face lifted version to the states is to allow the average Joe consumer to be able to somewhat tell the "Sport" model apart from the regular version of the Rogue. Also, now that the Qashqai will be sold in the states as the Rogue Sport, what are the chances the slow selling, smaller (uglier) and not much cheaper Juke goes away next year?

  5. Vince….. few Quick questions…

    Only Car fans regularly go to these sites and car fans are the ones posting. There are fans of every brand here i'm sure. Why do you single out Nissan Fans and Toyota haters?
    Are you in fact a Toyota fan and Nissan hater?
    Your attitude and comments make no sense and really speak against the whole spirit and energy of the whole premise of such a car site.
    When did you loose focus?
    Have you been profitable enough here to change your attitude overall ?
    You must know that without fans, you have nothing.

  6. Vince are you going to apologize and say that you were wrong or are you going to pull a Trump here?

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