That little 2018 Kia Rio is quite a disappointment …

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 It was obvious when they showed us the European version a few months ago: the new one is a step back.
But this US version seems even worse. I guess because it won’t have cool options like larger wheels, sunroof etc…

This just looks cheap. I think it is a huge step back for the Rio, but also for Kia in general.
Who has now been taken quite seriously as a brand.
This feels like a 15 year old design.

It looks like a new Mitsubishi!

 Things are much better inside.
Quite the opposite from the outside, where it actually looks a bit upscale for the class.

Specs are fine, since it comes with a 6 speed manual or auto.
And 130HP, which should do just fine.

 I saved the worst for last: The sedan.

What an ugly mess that is.
They so desperately wanted to use the same doors as the hatchback, so they felt they had to add the largest fake black plastic window ever to make it work. It doesn’t!

This is just terrible. And not worthy of a brand like the one Kia had become.

I mean the whole thing is bad.

Here is the current model .
So much nicer! It even has a nice personality. And it looks 10 years more modern than the new one!

What happened????

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  1. Maybe they're trying to fill the shoes that Mitsubishi left behind. Perhaps because no one else wanted to, and Kia thought it a bright idea.

    Ain't no two ways about, this is terrible!

  2. What the hell happened?? This looks like a version that should have come out before the current generation, not after!

  3. No more of a disappointment than any Rio before it. Or ANY car in this size range. Isn't "RIO" Korean for "disappointment" ? Besides, you don't have to be that good when your competitors are Aveo, Tercel, Lexus 200 or Festiva. What were you expecting this to resemble–a CHARGER Hellcat???

  4. Re the sedan – What is with these black plastic window inserts? Please compare the insert in the Rio, with the insert in the new Buick Regal Sportback. I think the Regal has even a larger insert.

  5. I don't know Vince- I think it's tidy and tasteful. It's a more serious car that'll likely age well. Handsome, tailored and businesslike in person.

  6. peter schreyer needs to leave. His new models look just like the previous ones and he is trying to make kias look like vws and audis. no originality like they used to look like. more boring designs. I am a car nut and have difficulty distinguishing the current optima from the previous generation.

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